The Colourful Counting Mini Play Dough Kit

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The Colourful Counting Kit - mini play dough sensory kit is the perfect open ended way to practice counting, sorting, colours, teach simple math and work on shape recognition, but in a handy mini size. Use it to supplement the Colourful Counting Kit. This kit will grow with your child as they learn new skills and master old ones! 

Kit Includes:
  • One 200g ball of tricks-coloured lightly scented sensory play dough
  • Plastic 1cm cubes for counting, measuring and patterning.
  • Two animal shaped rubber counters.
  • MathLink Cubes introduce counting, grouping and one-to-one correspondence. These stackable cubes are easy for little hands to connect and twist apart. MathLink Cubes link together on all sides of each cube with geometric shape cut-outs for more complex patterning activities. Cubes measure 2cm and come in 10 colours
  • 4cm links are perfect for sorting, patterning, counting, measurement and graphing activities.
  • Dice for counting. 

As always this kit comes with one ball of tri-(primary) coloured scented, homemade, all natural sensory dough to encourage hands on, sensory play!


  • Store play dough in air tight ziplock bags to keep it fresh for 3+ months!


Please note that some of the contents and colours may vary slightly from that shown in the photograph.

WARNING: Choking Hazard! The kits contain small parts not suitable for children under 3 years of age. Not to be eaten.