Alien Play Dough Mini Sensory kit

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These little guys are out of this world!

A fantastic way for your kids to enjoy their sensory development with our mesmerising Alien Play Dough Mini Sensory Kit.

A generous ball of beautifully lightly scented soft sensory dough in cosmic moon rock/ blue and decorated with biodegradable eco-glitter.

The kit consists of:

One cute Space Alien dress in themed costume. (There are 9 different themes to collect and we'll ensure if you order more than one then you'll never receive the same theme twice!)

Build your own alien with our monster/ alien building kit consisting of:

Sparkly pipe cleaner

Blue pipe cleaner

Green and Blue coloured pom-poms

Googly Eyes

Iridescent straw pieces

Coloured Lolly Sticks

Round and star shaped buttons

Flat Gems

Tumblestone magical moonstone

Sensory feather 

Small gemstone

Sparkly Star


To the moon and back!


Please note that some of the contents and colours may vary slightly from that shown in the photograph.


WARNING: Choking Hazard! The kits contain small parts not suitable for children under 3 years of age. Not to be eaten.