Play Dough Care Guide

Play Dough Care Guide

To help you get the most from your Matilda and Fox play dough please follow our care guide for storing and using your play dough.



When stored in a cool, dry and dark place, our sensory dough can last up to 6 months. 

We make all of our Play Dough to order and recommend ordering it near to the time it will be used and opening it within a month of receipt.

 If ordering in advance then simply add a note at check out and we will post your order fresh nearer the time when it’s needed.


Storing your Play Dough after opening

If ordering a sensory kit then the Play Dough will arrive sealed in cling film. Rather than re-using the cling film we would recommend storing your dough in an airtight container or air tight Ziploc bag. Check it has an air tight seal to ensure that it doesn’t dry out.

Store your play dough in a cool, dry place if possible and avoid direct sunlight or near radiators. Normal household temperatures are fine. Your play dough does not need to be kept in a fridge.

Should the dough dry out then just add a touch of water and knead the dough softly to revive it. Likewise salt crystals may form from time to time – this is normal, just knead slightly and they will disappear.


Other problems

Our Play Dough is made using food grade, plant based, eco-friendly ingredients and as such does not include any man-made preservatives.

Unfortunately, like any food, the dough may develop mould spores over time.

To help avoid this we recommend that you wipe down your play area before use and wash hands to avoid any foreign bodies entering the dough. In the event that the dough does develop spores then please throw it away immediately.