Our Story


We are Matilda and Fox. Two normal, boisterous, fun loving siblings who just love sensory play. So much so we have developed our own range of fun sensory boxes and toys. 
Along with our mummy and daddy, Layla and Fraser, we have travelled around a fair bit (four transatlantic moves in four years) and needless to say we have been unsettled and affected by all of the change.
One thing that really helps to settle us down and focus us is sensory play. It's something that we got into heavily during our time abroad. During the lockdowns attached to the Covid-19 global pandemic, sensory play really helped keep us entertained whilst helping to develop us physically and mentally through all of  the benefits from these learning boxes.
Now we have settled back home we wanted other families to benefit from what we've learned and 'Matilda and Fox' was born.
We hope that you really enjoy our sensory boxes and your family get the same thrill and excitement that we have.
Love Matilda and Fox xxx
* Photos courtesy of Claire Thom Photography