Kind Words

Customer feedback and reviews:

"Thank you so much!!!! I am thoroughly impressed, purchased three different mini play dough sets and my 2 year old loves them all! They have kept him entertained for hours on end, he cries his eyes out when I go to pack them away! He is so engaged when playing with them, definitely the best sensory play set I have seen for his age and I will be purchasing some more for sure!! I couldn’t recommend highly enough!!!!" - Katie, Wickford (Feb 2021)

“My 8 year old daughter received a mini unicorn kit from her elf just before Christmas and she has played with it at least once a day since then. She has always liked play dough but I think all the wee extras the kit comes with makes it even more fun.  She says that she loves it as she can create anything she wants. I love it because the play dough smells lush and she puts everything back in its wee box. Happy to recommend this product and we will be purchasing some more in the future “ - Aileen, Aberdeen (Jan 2021).
“Thank you for posting the unicorn kit so swiftly. She was very excited and played with it for almost an hour straight out of the packaging, which is amazing considering her short attention span usually!!” - Naomi, Bristol (Jan 2021).

“What a success your box was! When she arrived today she was keen to look in the box, and quick as anything, she had sorted out all of the bits and named all of the Unicorns. They all had special powers (all different) and they went on a journey through all of the different ‘lands’. There was the bobbly bouncy land (the Pom poms), the land of flowers, the land of treasure (all of the gems) and their quest was to search for the bells which were hidden in amongst our Xmas table decoration. She was busy the whole hour and a bit. She couldn’t resist the play dough’s sparkly look and the rainbow one especially took her eye.  She loved the smell too. She made some magical food for the unicorns and rolled out the blue one  for them to wade through a ‘sea of jewels’. She had a magical time.” - Lorna, Aberdeen (Jan 2021).